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What numbers (using numerology) says about the Democrats success in 2006?

Numerology is a powerful tool for advanced analysis of many human life related processes. Numerology compatibility by birthdate numerology is also one of approach to get predictive information for future compatibility relations.
Firstly we can refer to historical brands and predict is numerological numbers on their side. This is not about a FEC figures or particular poll, or any of that legitimate stuff.
With only some of exceptions, history say of about a 27 shifts in the House for every eight to 12 years. If a party picks up 27 or more seats in November, it will mark them for first decade since the 1830 (without middecade off-year swing):
In 1994 Republicans adds 54
In 1982 Democrats adds 27
In 1974 Democrats adds 49
In 1966 Democrats adds 47
In 1958 Democrats adds 49
In 1946 Republicans adds 55
In 1938 Republicans adds 81
In 1922 Democrats adds 76
In 1914 Republicans adds 62
In 1906 Democrats adds 32
In 1894 Republicans adds 130
In 1882 Democrats adds 68
In 1874 Democrats adds 94
In 1866 Republicans adds 37
In 1854 American Party adds 62
In 1846 Whigs adds 37
For any one includes mid-decade - the trend extends.
In 1836 Whigs 25
In 1824 Democrats 22
In 1816 Democrats 27
In 1802 Democrats 35
In 1792 Anti-administration 21
Saying in other words, a decade in the country history for one party has failed to get at least 21 seats in some mid-decade (not ending by zero) election.
What did it means? It is the numerology :)