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The True Condescending Elitists

pennsylvania politicsOn the eve of the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary, the media, the twenty-four hour news networks in particular, are putting on their thinking caps and really revving up the prediction game. With the help of copious amounts of polls and apparently knowledgeable pundits, they will spend most of today and likely all of tomorrow trying to determine who will win the majority of Keystone state votes among various demographics, geographic locations and age groups. In one breath, many of them will acknowledge the fact that they are very often wrong and that polls are notoriously inaccurate (not to mention the drastically different conclusions that each individual poll finds), while continuing to supply we humble citizens with their professional predictions anyway. God bless America.

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Iím So Sick of This Race

I canít stand it anymore. I started this blog with the idea that it would snowball and in some ways it actually did. At one point there were something like 8 people writing regularly for it, all from different parts of the country and all young and in college. I think that my feelings began to be echoed by others, however, and collectively the posts began shrinking. I am still reading blogs pretty regularly and the fact that very few of them have reached the conclusion I have almost makes me sad. My friends on the left, it is time to stop this spectacle of a campaign process.

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